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New releases

All the latest releases (CDs, DVDs, books...) are available here/

Les toutes dernières sorties (CDs, DVDs, livres...) sont disponibles ici.


Sony Japan released a limited edition of Blu-Spec CD2 mimi LP replicas in a cardboard sleeve. There is no bonus tracks. The complete collection is stored in a box set of "Zoom". The 2015 series was also reissued in this format with a storage box "Out Of The Blue". All these CDs have a "50th anniversary" obi.

Sony Japan a sorti une édition limitée de Blu-Spec CD2 en répliques mini LP avec pochette cartonnée. Il n'y a aucun titre bonus. La collection complète se range dans un coffret de "Zoom". La séries de 2015 dans le même format est également ressortie avec un coffret de rangement  "Out Of The Blue". Tous ces CDs ont un bandeau "50th anniversary".

2021 Mini LP Blu-Spec CD2:

 "Armchair Theatre"
"Long Wave"
"Mr. Blue Sky - The Very Best Of Electric Light Orchestra"
Electric Light Orchestra Live"
"Alone In The Universe"
"From Out Of Nowhere"
"Wembley Or Bust"

2015 Mini LP Blu-Spec CD2:

"On The Third Day"
"Face The Music"
"A New World Record"
"Out Of The Blue
"Secret Messages"
"Balance Of Power"


"From Out Of Nowhere" is the new album of Jeff Lynne's ELO. It will be released on 01 Novembre on CD and vinyl (see the list below). Jeff Lynne sings all the vocals and plays guitars, bass, piano, keyboards, drums and vibes. Richard Tandy plays a piano solo on the song "One More Time". Steve Jay, who also engineered the album, plays some percussions. The title song is now available to listen and was exclusively played during an interview of Jeff Lynne at "The Zoe Ball Breakfast Show" on the BBC Radio 2 on 26 September. By the way, you can notice that "10538" is inscribed under the spaceship (a reference to the song "10538 Overture"...).
The album is available to pre-order on or

"From Out Of Nowhere" est le nouvel album de Jeff Lynne's ELO. Il sortira le 01 novembre en CD et vinyle (voir liste en dessous). Jeff Lynne chante toutes les voix et joue les guitares, la basse, le piano, les synthés, la batterie et les vibraphones. Richard Tandy joue un solo de piano sur la chanson "One More Time". Steve Jay, qui a également enregistré l'album, joue des percussions. La chanson titre est maintenant en écoute et a été jouée en exclusivité lors d'une interview de Jeff Lynne à "The Zoe Breakfast Show" sur la BBC Radio 2 le 26 septembre. Par ailleurs, vous pouvez remarquer que "10538" est inscrit sous le vaisseau spatial (une référence à la chanson "10538 Overture'...).
L'album est disponible en pré-commande sur ou

Jeff Lynne -  The Zoe Ball Breakfast Show (BBC Radio 2) (08:44)


01 - From Out Of Nowhere
02 - Help Yourself
03 - All My Love
04 - Down Came The Rain
05 - Losing You
06 - One More Time (featuring Richard Tandy)
07 - Sci-Fi Woman
08 - Goin' Out On Me
09 - Time Of Your Life
10 - Songbird

Running time: 32:39

After a recent vinyl release, 2 bootlegs of the Idle Race are now available on CD. They contain all the live recordings of the band on the BBC radio. The artworks and album titles are different but the tracklisting is the same: "The Lost Radio Sessions" (, or ebay) and "BBC Radio Sessions - 1967-1969" (, or ebay).

Après une sortie vinyle récente, 2 bootlegs des Idle Race sont maintenant disponible en CD. Les pochettes et titres d'album sont différents mais le tracklisting est le même: "The Lost Radio Sessions" (, ou ebay) et "BBC Radio Sessions - 1967-1969" ( ou ebay).

01 - (Here We Go Round) The Lemon Tree (02 October 1967)
02 - Imposters Of Life Magazine (
02 October 1967)
03 - Hey Grandma (02 October 1967)
04 - The Lady Who Said She Could Fly (19 February 1968)
05 - Skeleton And The Roundabout
(19 February 1968)
06 - Blueberry Blue (04 June 1968)
07 - End Of The Road
(04 June 1968)
08 - Day Od Broken Arrows (21 Ocober 1968)
09 - Follow Me Follow
(21 Ocober 1968)
10 - Worn Red Carpet (20 January 1969)
11 - Frantic Desolation
(20 January 1969)
12 - Days Of Broken Arrows (20 January 1969)
13 - Please No More Sad Songs (23June 1969)
14 - Someone Knocking
(23June 1969)
15 - Sea Of Dreams (23June 1969)
16 - Reminds Me Of You (23June 1969)
17 - Someone Knocking (16 September 1969)
18 - Please No More Sad Songs (16 September 1969)
19 - Debora (bonus track) (Live - Summer 1969)


"Five Legends, Five Guitars" is the latest novel from Pam Van Allen (she already wrote "Midnight On The Water" which is an adaptation of the concept album "Eldorado" by Electric Light Orchestra and avalaible here).
You can buy this book inspired by the Traveling Wilburys and their first album on or

"Five Legends, Five Guitars" est le dernier roman de Pam Van Allen (elle avait déjà écrit "Midnight On The Water" qui est une adaptation de l'album concept "Eldorado" d'Electric Light Orchestra et disponible ici). Vous pouvez acheter ce livre inspiré par les Traveling Wilburys et leur premier album sur ou


Electric Light Orchestra's "Secret Messages" will be released for the first time ever as a double vinyl album on 03 August. The running order contains 6 more tracks from the 1983 previously unreleased double album. "Beatles Forever" is missing... This 150 gram 2LPs is available on or

"Secret Messages" d'Electric Light Orchestra va sortir pour la toute première fois en double album vinyle le 03 août. L'ordre du tracklisting contient 6 morceaux supplémentaires provenant du double album inédit de 1983. "Beatles Forever" est manquant... Ces 2 LPs de 150 grammes sont disponibles sur ou

Disc 1:
Secret Messages
Loser Gone Wild
Take Me On And On

Disc 2:
No Way Out
Letter From Spain
Danger Ahead

Disc 3:
Four Little Diamonds
Train Of Gold
Endless Lies
Buildings Have Eyes
Rock 'N' Roll Is King

Disc 4:
Time After Time
After All
Hello My Old Friend

A 4-DVD set of the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame from 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 was released on 24 April. It contains the full 2017 Jeff Lynne's induction ceremony with Dhani Harrison and Roy Wood in as well as the Jeff Lynne's ELO performance: "Roll Over Beethoven", "Evil Woman" and "Mr. Blue Sky". The set "Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame In Concert" is availble on DVD and Blu-ray on

Un ensemble de 4 DVDs des Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame de 2014, 2015, 2016 et 2017 est sorti le 24 avril. Il contient la cérémonie d'intronisation en 2017 de Jeff Lynne ave Dhani Harrison et Roy Wood ainsi que la performance de Jeff Lynne's ELO: " Roll Over Beethoven", "Evil Woman" et "Mr. Blue Sky". L'ensemble "Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame In Concert" est disponible en DVD et Blu-ray sur


"The Traveling Wilburys: The Biography" is a new book written by the American music historian Nick Thomas. Most of the reviews are very positive. This 160 pages book released on 02 October is available in Kindle edition or paperback on or .

"The"The Traveling Wilburys: The Biography" est un nouveau livre écrit par l'historien musical américain Nick Thomas. La plupart des critiques sont très positives. Ce livre de 160 pages sorti le 02 octobre est disponible en édition Kindle et livre de poche sur ou

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2 CDs + DVD: or
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Vinyls: or

Digital: (bientôt) ou
Digital + vidéo: (bientôt) ou
2 CDs: ou
2 CDs + DVD: ou
2 CDs + Bluray: ou
Vinyles: ou

For its 40th anniversary, the Electric Light Orchestra album "Out Of The Blue" is released on picture disc for the first time. The outside and inside covers were reproduced as well as the promotional tour poster "The Big Night". All these were designed by the Japanese illustrator Shusei Nagaoka who died recently. It is available on or

Pour son 40ième anniversaire, l'album "Out Of The Blue" d'Electric Light Orchestra sort en picture disc pour la première fois. Les pochettes extérieures et intérieures sont reproduites ainsi que l'affiche promotionnelle de la tournée "The Big Night". Tout cela avait été dessiné par l'illustrateur Shusei Nagaoka récemment décédé. Il est disponible sur ou