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WKRP In Cincinnati - Dr Fever And Mr Tide ("Xanadu") (1981) Californication ("Do Ya" - Neil Nathan version) Plotzlich Papa ("Lift Me Up" - Tom Jones version)
CSI Las Vegas - Lab Rats ("Mr. Blue Sky") CSI Las Vegas - Field Mice ("Mr. Blue Sky") Medium ("Evil Woman")
Cupid - My Fair Masseuse ("Sweet Talkin' Woman") River City ("Mr. Blue Sky") Community - Debate 109 ("Evil Woman") (2009)
Waterboys Summer ("Xanadu") Modern Family - Airport 2010 - ELO The Good Guys ("Don't Bring Me Down")
Das Geheimnis Des Koenigssees ("Ticket To The Moon") Coronation Street ("Mr. Blue Sky') American Dad - Fartbreak Hotel ("Mr. Blue Sky")
Futurama - Mobius Dick (ELO spaceship) The Island ("Mr. Blue Sky") Hawaii Five-0 - Mother's Day ("Evil Woman")
Doctors - White Coat ("Wild West Hero") Family Guy - Jesus, Mary and Joseph! ("DBMD") (2012) Divorce ("Mr. Blue Sky")
Bergerac - Picking It Up ("Don't Walk Away") Franklin And Bash - Coffee And Cream ("Do Ya") (2013) Eastbound And Down - Chapter 29 ("Waterfall") (2013)
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Disney - DTV Monster Hits ("Evil Woman") Kleise Ta Matia - S01E06 ("Livin' Thing") (2003) Coronation Street - 29 May 2015 ("Turn To Stone") (2015)
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Raised By Wolves - Pilot ("Don't Bring Me Down") (1) (2013) Raised By Wolves - Pilot ("Xanadu") (2013) Raised By Wolves - Pilot ("Don't Bring Me Down") (2) (2013)
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Revolution - Dreamcatcher ("Mr. Blue Sky") (2014) Waterloo Road - Home Sweet Home ("Mr. Blue Sky") (2014) Parks And Recreation - One Last Ride ("End Of The Line") (2015)
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Cucumber - S01E08 ("Long Black Road") (2015) The Messengers - Strange Magic ("Strange Magic") (2015) Peter Kay's Car Share - Series 01 Episode 03 ("Xanadu") (2015)
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Fresh Off The Boat - S02E05 (Traveling Wilburys reference) (2015) Tatort - Taxi Nach Leipzig ("Mr. Blue Sky") (2016) The Mindy Project - Season 03 Episode 02 ("Strange Magic") (2014)
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Supernatural - The Hunter Games ("Long Black Road") (2015)
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